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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Public tries to help catch killer

Noah Simmons

Although members of the public have been giving police information on the whereabouts of the man who is believed to have shot 16-year-old Noah Simmons dead, the man continues to evade officers.

A senior police officer told Newsday that investigating officers have received numerous tip-offs, with the latest coming in yesterday.

“We received information that he was travelling in a car from Pleasantville to Marabella and teams were dispatched to locate the vehicle and find him but the officers were unsuccessful,” the senior said.

Last week, again acting on a tip-off, officers raided several homes in Pleasantville where they believed the man was hiding.

Simmons, a footballer, was killed on May 8, the day of his 16th birthday, while sitting on the front steps of his uncle’s Union Park East, Marabella home in the area known as ‘The Line.’

The killer is believed to be in his late teens or early 20’s and is also from Marabella.

There have been several rumors circulating about the man’s motive to murder young Noah, including that Noah was warned not to interact with the man’s girlfriend.


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