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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Is Jade alive or dead ?

3 years after she disappeared, parents still wonder

IS Jade Peters dead or alive?

This is the question on the lips of her parents, Wayne Peters and Pearl Narine, one which they have been praying to have answered for the last three and a half years, since their daughter disappeared. Jade was 12 when she vanished without a trace after leaving her Railway Road, California home to buy a phonecard.

To date there has been no word on her disappearance. A ransom was never demanded, nor did police find the girl’s body. Police from the Anti-Kidnapping Unit have now exhausted all their leads in the search for her. In 2017 they handed over the case to Homicide Region Three, saying it is now been investigated as a homicide.

Her grieving parents are haunted by the disappearance of their youngest daughter. “I feel as though I am living a nightmare,” an emotional Peters told Newsday in an interview. He said the nightmare would never stop until he knows what happened to his daughter, the last of his six children.

“We just want closure. I don’t know if she is alive or dead. I just want to know. Her body was not found, so this is the only hope we have, that one day she may walk through our door.” Jade disappeared on the night of December 26, 2014. She left home at about 10 pm to go to a nearby parlour. Reports said she never made it to the shop that Boxing Night and may have been snatched while on her way there.

A Form Two student of the Union Claxton Bay Secondary School, she would have turned 16 on March 15. In a previous interview, the Anti- Kidnapping Unit told Newsday searches for the child had turned up nothing, and the prospects of finding her alive after so long were slim. But since she disappeared in 2015 there have been reported sightings of her in Moruga .

There was also a report that she might be in Venezuela, that same year. However, when her parents followed up on these sightings, they came home empty-handed. “There is a hole in my heart for the past three years that would never be filled until I know what happened to my daughter. My heart is filled with so much pain. I have been living with this pain since 2014, it hurts so much and as a father knowing I was not there to protect my baby girl.”

Two months ago her parents celebrated Jade’s 16th birthday, as they have celebrated her past three birthdays. “When she would have turned 14 years we had a cake, other family members came together and we sang happy birthday for her. And a year later, when she would have been 15 years, we did the same thing.”

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