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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Ganga: TTCB CEO’s exit an ominous sign

Daren Ganga

FORMER West Indies cricketer and National League representative, Daren Ganga, believes the resignation of ex-TT Cricket Board (TTCB) CEO Suruj Ragoonath, is as as a result of low morale among TTCB members due to an “autocratic” style of leadership within the local board.

Ragoonath has remained silent on the reason for his exit from the cricket body but TTCB officials have said it stemmed from the financial woes faced by the organisation. Dr Allen Sammy, first vice president of the TTCB, said the board offered Ragoonath a smaller payment package which was declined.

In a press release recently, Ganga acknowledged the issue of finances at the TTCB, but believes morale is being affected under the current administration led by president Azim Bassarath.

Ganga said, “News that the CEO of the TT Cricket Board, my old friend and colleague Suruj Ragoonath, has resigned, is no surprise to most of us in the cricket fraternity.

“While there is talk about finance being the problem, it is actually a symptom of a deeper issue – the lack of credible and proactive leadership in the organisation and its negative and deleterious effect on morale. In fact, the worst is yet to come.”

The former West Indies opener said the board’s refusal to accept the Independent Review Committee (IRC) report will encourage more people to leave the TTCB.

“The fact is that when it comes to the TTCB and its president, disappointment has turned into total discontent and since there is no alternative to the autocracy now evident, what will happen is that he and his hand-picked group will be increasingly isolated from the rest of us who love our national game and want to see it not just revive, but thrive.”

Ganga, who has urged the TTCB to accept the IRC report and call elections, believes the lack of sponsorship in local cricket is because of the board’s approach to management.

“While the TTCB continues to cry that there is no funding from sponsors or the government, it is not ready to accept that many sponsors are unwilling to support or give funding to an undemocratic board which, based on the findings of the Independent Review Committee, has outlived its usefulness. If Mr Bassarath wants to save face, he should immediately accept the IRC report and call the elections within 90 days.”


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