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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Facts about making doubles

THE EDITOR: As a former doubles maker and vendor I wish to share some facts on this subject.

To make doubles requires a minimum team of three people for an efficient operation. Preparation starts around 5 pm and cooking begins around midnight. You must leave home by 5 am to catch the sales.

No doubles vendor makes tens of thousands of dollars, none.

Like all cash operations it only appears to be thousands. People involved in this business are usually trying to eek out a living rather than depend on handouts.

And the doubles vendors have no benefits like vacation leave, pensions etc. So what is going to be taxed, as suggested by tax expert Angelique Bart?

Similarly, taxi drivers and other such class of workers have no benefits, work long hours and don’t know about making provisions for replacement of tools/vehicles etc.

Also, people such as doubles vendors and taxi drivers pay indirect taxes such as Vat etc.

The Government would be better advised to start with real estate agents who do very little and earn five per cent of the sales price of a property – and pay no taxes.

There are a lot of other people in the class of real estate agents.

As for Bart’s suggestion of leaving law and going into doubles, let me warn her that she would be a total failure since she won’t be able to work the kind of hours doubles vendors do.

She would be well advised to sharpen any legal skills she may possess.

T MAHARAJ via e-mail


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