Devant: Her party is ‘a demon child’

Former minister Devant Maharaj
Former minister Devant Maharaj

FORMER United National Congress (UNC) minister Devant Maharaj has dismissed the planned political party by Mickela Panday as “a rich girl’s plaything” and a “demon child” that will only serve to split votes in favour of the People’s National Movement (PNM) in the general election.

He was commenting on a meeting held by Panday on Saturday in Chaguanas where she was given a mandate by the crowd to form a new party. Maharaj, who had raised concerns about a possible Mickela Panday-led party in a media release two weeks ago, commented on the issue during a telephone interview yesterday. He described the proposed party as former prime minister Basdeo Panday’s “obscene and vulgar desire” to have a political dynasty.

“This is a rich girl’s plaything for now. This is a father’s dream, and a population’s nightmare.”

Maharaj recalled the rise and fall of Team Unity under former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Movement for Unity and Progress under former UNC MP Hulsie Bhaggan, the Independent Liberal Party under the charismatic and extremely wealthy Jack Warner and also personally having been a party of the Congress of the People under “Mr integrity” Winston Dookeran.

“I think Mickela Panday would serve only as the beneficiary of the PNM to split the votes.

Mickela Panday can’t even get a seat in musical chairs.


"Devant: Her party is ‘a demon child’"

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