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Saturday 18 August 2018
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We’re scared for our safety

Teachers tell Sheron’s relatives

Rachael Sukhdeo and her deceased husband Sheron Sukhdeo.

THE two young children of murdered Chaguanas businessman Sheron Sukhdeo have been removed from their primary school for fear they may be snatched by kidnappers or people who had been warring with the children’s father, Sheron Sukhdeo, before his death.

Sources said yesterday that the children, a boy and girl, have not been attending school since their father was murdered.

The children’s mother Rachael Sukhdeo was advised not to send them to school. As a result, they are now being home schooled at an undisclosed location.

Sources said yesterday Sheron’s widow has opted to seek refuge in an effort to protect her life and those of her children. A neighbour said she is rarely seen at her home.

At her sprawling Chaguanas property, private security guards continue to keep watch over the house, which is outfitted with CCTV cameras.

A senior officer said yesterday, Sukhdeo has expressed concern over her safety and that of her children.

Teachers at the primary school have also expressed relief that the children are no longer there, because they feared the worst.

Police said they are bracing for more murders of people associated with Sheron and have initiated more patrols and have “put strategies in place.”

On March 26, Sheron was gunned down as he reached for a cell phone in his van outside his mother-in-law’s home at Charlieville.

On May 4, his brother-in-law Philip Bassant was shot dead at the same spot.

Last Sunday Rachael Sukhdeo’s driver Kerwin Beckles was killed outside Madhoo Crystal Place recreation bar near New Settlement Savannah, Charlieville.

Central Division officers said they have stepped up patrols and told the family to take precautions.

Newsday called Rachael Sukhdeo’s cell phone yesterday for comment but the calls went unanswered.


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