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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Galleons Passage out in Panama bay

THE Galleons Passage, up to late yesterday, had not gotten a berth and remained seven kilometers in the Panama Bay awaiting its turn to approach the canal.

Marine traffic on the Panama Canal was hectic yesterday with scores of pleasure craft waiting their turn to pass through. Satellite tracking showed a pilot boat parked close up to the Galleons Passage which, more than likely, was there to take the crew on land. Documentation has to be lodged with the boat’s shipping agent and fees paid, to allow it to pass through the canal.

The TT government bought the vessel from China as a new catamaran to service the seabridge between Trinidad and Tobago.

While approaching the bay on Tuesday, the Galleons Passage sailed past the Norwegian Bliss which is the largest passenger boat in the world. The boat is on its way into the Caribbean Sea to Santiago de Cuba where it will be outfitted with an upper deck, chairs and toilet. Given the volume of traffic in the Panama Canal yesterday, the boat will not make it until Sunday for the five-day sailing to Cuba.

It will take between ten and 12 days to be outfitted and then sail to Port of Spain which is a five-day journey. The expected arrival date is mid June.

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