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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Dispose of plastic bottles properly

Le Hunte pleased with recycling initiatives

Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte

PUBLIC Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte on Wednesday called on the public and the business community to join with the ministry and participate in its Waste Reduction and Recycling Programme (WRAP). This programme is a continuation of the ministry’s drive to increase awareness of recycling of waste and encouraging people to change their behaviour.

Earlier this year, the public-sector programme was launched. Ten ministries agreed to work with SWMCOL promoting and recycling waste. The WRAP initiative is geared towards private-sector participation.

Yesterday Le Hunte said the Central Bank was the first entity that joined and signed the pledge to promote the reduction of waste and recycling in its environment.

“We have been getting positive responses from other members of the financial services industry, who have pledged their commitment to come on board,” he said. “With our ministry being the major promoter, we have been actively encouraging recycling of waste, whereby persons in the ministry could dispose of ketchup packs, plastic bottles and waste paper in different cylinders. We also have a machine which will help to compact the plastic bottles for recycling.”

Le Hunte said his ministry is also working closely with the Environmental Management Authority, under the Ministry of Planning.

“As minister, I believe that I have been promoting the concept of people moving from spectators to citizens and getting involved in the day-to-day operations to build the type of communities and country that we all will be proud of, which is not just about talking about the initiative but being responsible and getting involved at an individual level.”

He said the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation had already partnered with the ministry to provide curbside bins where people can deposit plastic bottles for recycling, and in a few months the programme will be extended to other regional corporations.


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