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Sunday 19 August 2018
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La Seiva River needs to be cleaned

Flood Zone area in La Seiva, Maraval. PHOTO:ANGELO M. MARCELLE

Why must residents of La Seiva, Maraval go through flooding every year and neither the Diego Martin Corporation or the Ministry of Works can come up with a solution to fix the problem?

This was the question raised by concerned residents today.

When Newsday visited the area, concerned residents came out to give a tour to the media to highlight what was taking place in their community and to showcase the condition of La Seiva River and the Maraval River.

At the site, there were overgrown trees and huge piles of silt in the river leaving the water to make several streams.

One resident who only gave his name as Thomas said over the years they had made complaints to the Ministry of Works and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation to have the river dredged but to date it had not been done.

“The ministry of works came and put up a small wall in the river at the top and that made it worse because the water overflows in the road when it cannot flow properly in the river. They went and installed a flood alert system and the system never worked."


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