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Thursday 16 August 2018
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PSB reviewing records of woman in cop’s uniform

PROFESSIONAL Standards Bureau members checking the authenticity of three photos of a Latina woman in a senior police officer’s uniform have been given a name for the woman. Yesterday, they were reviewing immigration records to see when she entered the country, how many times and what address she gave here.

Sources said ASP Ferdinand of the PSB and a team are also reviewing camera footage taken from Morvant police station last week. Police have been told the woman frequents a club at Third Avenue in Barataria but has gone into hiding since the photos surfaced on social media.

Investigators interviewed several officers of the Morvant and Santa Cruz police stations but have not been given statements.

Insp Michael Sooker, who was suspended after the photos were shared on social media, is yet to be interviewed. Investigators said they were busy and will question him when they have time. Newsday was told the woman is a regular visitor to the Morvant police station and even accompanied a senior policeman to a Christmas party last year at Santa Cruz police station.

Police said yesterday the woman often visits a senior officer at Morvant police station. Sources said that police officers in the know, are afraid to give any statement to the PSB regarding this Latina woman for fear of victimisation by seniors.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams ordered the investigation after three photos of the woman wearing an inspector of police’s uniform went viral on social media two weeks ago.


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