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Saturday 17 November 2018
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‘Person of interest’ in bank teller’s shooting

SAN Fernando police have identified a person of interest who might be able to assist them in the shooting of bank teller Roston Mahabir on Monday morning. Police said the man they are looking for is slim, dark-skinned, of African descent, about five foot seven inches tall and wears his hair combed back.

The shooter was wearing a white jersey, black pants, slippers and a grey cap with white writing, but the latter fell off and was picked up by a homeless man.

CCTV cameras near the bank were able to pick up clear pictures of the assailant. Insp Don Gajadhar is leading a team of six officers which includes Sgt Ramroop, Cpls Bacchus, Mohammed, Pulchan and PCs Moses and Clarence.

He said they have made a lot of progress and expect to make an arrest before the end of the week.

The inspector said the police believe the motive for shooting Mahabir was robbery and not an attempt to get hold of the laptop, which belongs to the bank and may contain sensitive information. He said the bank’s IT department was able to shut down the computer to prevent access to the information stored in it. Gajadhar said the reason would become clearer when the police interview Mahabir, who is warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH).

Both police and hospital sources say he awoke after six hours of surgery on Monday to stop bleeding and remove the bullet in his abdomen. Reports are that Mahabir, 28, of Orange Valley, Carapichaima is stable but his condition is still serious. It is believed the bullet, which entered his abdomen on the lower left side, may have damaged his intestines, pancreas and kidneys.

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