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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Interpol, local police probe cocaine shipment

POLICE in Mumbai, India are working with local Interpol police and the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit to trace the origins of an eyeshadow palette which contained 360 grammes of cocaine and which was believed to have been sent by someone in Trinidad.

A 46-year-old woman and her 25-year-old daughter, who are Indian nationals, were arrested in connection with the find.

The estimated street value of the cocaine is US$222,675. Yesterday, Interpol sources confirmed that Mumbai police contacted them and have been sent documents from Trinidad.

Indian media reported that the two women smuggled the cocaine from Trinidad through the Indian postal system. Hundreds of Trinidadians visit India each year on pilgrimage and sightseeing tours and it is believed the two may have made contact with Trinis who arranged to send the cocaine from Trinidad to India.

Mumbai police arrested the women after a tip-off and intercepted the Goa-bound consignment in Nagpur, India.

The Indian media say the 46-year-old woman was arrested in Nagpur receiving the parcel, and her daughter was held in Goa.

Investigators believe the parcel was part of a larger shipment and more cocaine may have been sent to India by the same people.

Sources said yesterday the 25-year-old is the linchpin of the operation.

She is married to a foreign national and together they reportedly run a “business” in Goa, mixing in other material to increase the volume of the cocaine and sell it in the tourist state.


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