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Tuesday 13 November 2018
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Galleons Passage not due till mid-June

The Galleons Passage
The Galleons Passage

AT ABOUT midday today, the Galleons Passage is expected to arrive in Panama City as it gets set to pass through the Panama Canal. Depending on the traffic, it could be Sunday before it sails out into the Caribbean. The estimated arrival date in Trinidad of the new boat, bought by the Government from China, is now likely to be mid-June.

Newsday has been tracking the Galleons Passage, a ferry, which will be used to service the seabridge. Checks at the Panama Canal yesterday revealed that the traffic was heavy, with boats and ships waiting their turn to pass through.

If the Galleons Passage makes it through the canal by Sunday, it will be just five days away from Trinidad, but it will not sail here immediately. The captain and crew are taking the boat to Santiago de Cuba, so when the Galleons Passage emerges, it will sail northeast.

The estimated distance to Cuba is 1,016 nautical miles, and it will take five days to get there. The Dutch company Damex Shipbuilding & Engineering, based in Santiago, will outfit the vessel with a covering on the upper deck and toilets. That will take approximately ten days. The Galleons Passage will then sail southeast to Port of Spain, for another five days. In total, the boat is 20 days away at present.

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