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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Now is time to diversify economy

THE EDITOR: Any negative happenings worldwide will affect small islands like TT. We therefore have to look out for ourselves and diversify the economy right now. Oil prices rising and falling are caused by OPEC and larger oil-producing countries and their decisions, of which we have no control.

Since the 1950s we have been advised by economists to diversify our economy. So what are we waiting for?

Once again the Government is saying we are turning the corner, because oil prices are going up, but we cannot depend any longer on oil and gas only. Too many times TT has had boom years followed by a “bust.” Are we so stupid that we cannot understand that diversifying the economy is what is needed?

I was happy to read of the turning of the soil in Moruga in connection with agriculture.

Mention was made of a shortage of farmers.

Well, the answer is to hire farmers from other islands and give them work permits immediately.

Other recent good news is the announcement (and photograph) of positive ongoing talks with Sandals for the hotel in Tobago.

Bring in business advisers from abroad to show us the best areas to diversify the economy.

Meet again with our manufacturing association, Chambers of Commerce, and successful businessmen to decide in which direction to go first.

Give tax breaks, offer incentives for new companies to be formed and succeed, and listen to those complaints about lazy workers, because we have many.

Charge a toll for the use of any new highways being built. This is done in larger countries until the highways are paid for. We find the money for Carnival, to party and eat out, so we can pay to use the roads also.

TT has to finally get serious, settle down and look out for the future of our country.

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