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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor


THE EDITOR: While the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services must be congratulated on its efforts in the drafting of a National Parenting Policy, it must be noted that its approach is a misguided one.

Going on a public consultation for ideas on parenting is akin to asking an accused man, after being found guilty, to sentence himself.

Rather than wasting time, money and energy like this, the ministry would be well advised to seek consultations with the only group that has seen and dealt with the consequences of non-parenting or even negative parenting.

That group would be teachers, both at the primary and secondary levels.

With the way the education system is structured, every single citizen passes through the “hands” of teachers. Any parenting policy must have a strong legislative backbone, otherwise those words on paper would amount to hallow platitudes, void of any meaningful impact.

Some parents, unless forced by the law to do right by their children, would continue with their non-parenting style, leading to problems in the school system and by extension society at large.

Every single teacher in our education system knows first hand the impact of parenting on the life of a child. Many teachers would provide the minister with ideas and solutions to incorporate in this long overdue National Parenting Policy.

JANGEESINGH via e-mail


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