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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Police probe shot fired at Bon Accord argument

Senior Superintendent Joanne Archie said investigations are underway into an incident in Bon Accord where a shot was fired during a heated argument among a group of men wielding cutlasses and armed with boulders, and one man with a 9mm pistol.

“I am aware of the particular incident. The police are currently pursuing the persons involved in that incident and as a result I cannot say much on it,” Archie told Newsday Tobago on Friday.

The incident was captured on video which was posted to social media. Sources told Newsday Tobago the incident took place at Four Roads in Bon Accord last Tuesday evening.In the two minutes, 20 seconds video clip, men, armed with cutlasses and boulders, are seen engaged in a heated argument as another man stormed in with gun and fired a shot into the, causing the arguing men to run for cover.

Several businessmen in the area who were contacted by Newsday Tobago, declined comment, saying that they were unaware of the incident.

One businessman, who said that he saw the incident on social media, said there was a lot of anger in the country coupled with too many illegal firearms being easily accessible.

“That situation to me could have got out of hand. Where are these guns coming from, how are they getting here? I think presently this country in general has seen an increase in deaths by firearms over the last few years. That incident could have led to one where we learnt of a murder… It could have been a case of murder in the area.

“We can’t and should not be living that way. We have to get back to those values which Jesus Christ came to teach us,” he said.

He called for stiffer penalties to be imposed on persons found in possession of firearms.

“Recently I saw where a man was held with a firearm right here in Tobago and fined $3,000... to me that doesn’t make sense. What kind of message are we sending, if you get caught with a gun you pay a measly $3,000 and that’s it?

“That could never be fair, so I think that we need tougher penalties when persons are found in possession of a firearm,” he said.

Electoral Representative for the Bon Accord/Canaan area, Clarence Jacob, when contacted said he was out of the country but that the incident was brought to his attention. He declined comment, however, saying the police were investigating the incident.


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