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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Pleasantville squatter ordered to move

IN NEED OF HELP: Zeia Flemming of Maple Avenue, Pleasantville, San Fernando stands in front of the dilapidated shack, which she and her 11-year-old son have been ordered to leave. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH


SINGLE mother Zeia Flemming, 51, and her 11-year-old son may end up on the streets after being given notice to leave their one-bedroom shack on Maple Avenue, Pleasantville, San Fernando.

“I am afraid that I may have to find a spot on the streets to stay with my son, since we have nowhere to call home,” Flemming said.

The landowners told them to move in January.

Flemming applied to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) six years ago, but is yet to be called for an interview.

She visited the HDC office in San Fernando two weeks ago, but was told to wait until housing is available.

She said she also visited the Court Shamrock Home for Socially Displaced People, but was told that there is no room there.

“I would like to get just a small accommodation in the Pleasantville area where I can take care of my son.”

Yesterday Flemming was out on the streets in Pleasantville looking for low-cost accommodation but was unsuccessful.

She told Newsday she suffers from high blood pressure and is unable to work for long hours.

“I am getting a grant from Social Welfare, but it is insufficient to send my son to school and buy food.”

The shack which the two occupy was built eight years ago from old boards and galvanize, and is now falling apart owing to heavy winds and rains, during which Flemming and her son have to run elsewhere for cover.

“We have been seeking shelter at the bus shed and community centre whenever it rains.”

Her son recently wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam and will be entering secondary school soon.

“My fear is my son may end up on the streets and without an education, as he has nowhere to call home.”

She is appealing to Minister of Housing and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to look into her situation.


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