Former murder accused killed in Chaguanas

A Mother’s Day lime turned deadly on Saturday night when four people, including a former murder accused, were shot during a drive-by at St Paul Street, Chaguanas.

Police said 34-year-old Joel Shah of Goodwill Road, Chaguanas was liming with relatives at a house when they were fired upon by two men in a vehicle, shortly after 7pm. Shah and three of his relatives were wounded during the incident. They were taken to the Chaguanas district medical facility where Shah died while being treated. The others were transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope.

Shah was recently taken into custody by Central Division police after a man was shot dead in Enterprise last month. He was released after no one came forward to point him out in an identification parade. Investigators believe his murder was a reprisal killing.

In 2001, Shah was accused of robbing Duke’s Jewellery in Chaguanas of $27,465 worth of items, but was freed in 2004. Two years later, he was arrested and charged with murder, after he allegedly shot a man in his face in Enterprise, Chaguanas. He was also freed of those charges.

In an unrelated incident, two men were shot and wounded at Eligon Street, Diego Martin after they were approached by another man. Details are still unclear, however investigating officers said they did not believe the incident was gang-related and have increased their presence in the Diego Martin area after a series of shootings over the past two weeks.


"Former murder accused killed in Chaguanas"

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