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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

EU, stay out of TT business

THE EDITOR: Recently US President Donald Trump called for the death penalty for drug dealers. Did the European Union attack his statement?

However the EU continues to bully small nations like ours to do its bidding. Tim Stew, the British high commissioner, speaking on behalf of an EU delegation, said of our death penalty, “We don’t think that’s the right answer.” Then fully knowing he’s meddling in our internal affairs, worms his way out by adding, “That’s not for us to tell you what to do.”

So why didn’t he keep his opinion to himself in the first place?

Trinidadians and Tobagonians overwhelmingly support the death penalty. A referendum would prove it. Our disappointment is that our criminal justice system continues to fail us by the slow prosecution of murders which allows them to escape the gallows.

Colonialism is long gone and the EU needs to back off and stop the meddling. It has gone so far as funding several pro-LBGTQIA groups to force our country to change its culture and accept same-sex unions.

Stew, please go after Trump and leave us alone.

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