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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Justin, sports star

Tunapuna Boys RC student’s passion for football, tennis

Big serve: Justin Horseford practices at least twice a week at the tennis courts at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus. PHOTO BY RHIANNA Mc KENZIE

Rhianna Mc Kenzie

Justin Horseford is not yet nine but he knows exactly what he wants to do when he grows up. Football is where his heart lies.

This past Easter, Justin took his team, Beatnix SC Youth 12, to second place in the Republic Bank Junior Tournament by scoring three out of four goals, He also plays for his school, Tunapuna Boys’ RC.

But football is not his only sporting talent. He also excels in lawn tennis and has been a member of Bosses Tennis Academy for the past three years. On April 4, he played in his first national tournament ­–the Catch Tournament– and placed first in the under 10 category. In February, he also competed in a Red Ball/Orange Ball Tennis Tournament in which his team placed first.

“It feels really good to win (but) it’s just a fun game,” he told Newsday Kids.

But his father, Nigel Horseford says in as much as Justin has grown to like tennis, football is his true passion.

Justin Horseford, left, and his father Nigel after a football tournament with other players and officials.

“If I buy a ball for him today, it will be taken away from him (by the school principal) a few days later,” joked Horseford, adding that principal now has about six of his footballs in his possession. When asked who is his favourite football player, the answer was a no brainer.

“Messi, because he has good skills,” Justin said without hesitation. As for tennis, his favourite player is “coach Rhonda (Mohammed)”, Bosses head coach.

Even with all of the training between both sports, his father says he does not complain at all and shows his commitment to both.

“Coach Rhonda is a good disciplinarian as well,” said Horseford, and she is known for ensuring that commitment is shown on and off the court. “Sports help him with focus (and) structure,” Horseford said.

But even with such a full plate, young Justin shows no signs of slowing down and is already showing interest in other sports such as cricket.



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