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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Crossingstill not complete

THE EDITOR: I just finished looking at the wrecker take another poor unsuspecting person’s vehicle from what is supposed to be a pedestrian crossing on O’Connor Street, exactly one house down from Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook.

Now, I have written about this “crossing” before and voiced the opinion that while I am fully in favour of obeying the law and reprimanding those who break it, all legalities must first be in place.

To explain, this crossing was never completed with the flashing amber light to alert oncoming vehicles that a crossing is ahead, and now almost three years later what were once white lines are almost completely faded, causing the average person to wonder if it is at all a genuine crossing.

So, in my humble opinion a motorist whose vehicle is wrecked from there could possibly challenge the legality of the action, since the crossing is in fact not complete. Make sense?

Further to this, and more importantly, motorists coming up the street tend not to slow down as there is no sign or light to indicate a crossing up ahead, making it very risky and dangerous for anyone crossing the street. What then is the purpose of the crossing?

I appeal to the relevant authority to please look into this and the one on Gatacre Street that another observer recently wrote about.

, Woodbrook


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