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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Property tax – get it right

THE EDITOR: It seems that government senators either do not understand the basics of the property tax or are being facetious in their contributions.

Senator Nigel De Freitas said that “the property tax on a property ... with a monthly rental value of $2,000 would be $54, while the property tax on a property with the monthly rental value of $3,000 is $81.”

While he is technically correct, he is majorly incorrect because of what he omitted. The tax would be $54 and $81 a month, for a total of $648 and $972 a year.

He is also playing smart with foolishness because the Government has no intention whatsoever of collecting the tax monthly.

Whenever it is due, the entire annual amount must be paid.

De Freitas is also of the view “the property tax would not increase the cost of goods and services.”

In what country is this man living? There is not one existing business that would not pass the tax on to its customers. Moreso because commercial businesses will pay a higher property tax.

, Mt Hope


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