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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

No need to go see Nicky and Tommy

THE EDITOR: Unlike thousands of TT citizens who continue to pay for comic relief, I hardly visit the cinemas or even the comedy tents anymore in pursuit of laughter.

You see, after considering what’s happening globally daily and then looking at what’s transpiring locally, I sometimes roll with laughter. Not that the global news is funny. No, actually it’s sometimes sad and/or tragic, but when compared with local reports, you just can’t help having a good laugh.

For instance, when I see the Rohingya people of Myanmar fleeing their own country because of unwarranted persecution, and then look at Trinidadians blocking roadways because of a few potholes, I roll with laughter.

When I see men in African and Middle Eastern countries being severely beaten, hanged or given a fiery “necklace” punishment after being caught in homosexual activities, and then witness local gay men by the dozens protesting for gay rights in front of our Parliament, I roll with laughter.

When I read of women in some foreign countries being flogged for not covering their heads (like the rest of their body) with the appropriate head-covering when they are in public, and mere minutes later I walk down our streets and have a truly difficult time keeping my eyes off practically naked women, I roll with laughter.

When I see people starving and/or dying of thirst in many dry desiccated countries with little or no food and water for months on end, and then observe the way the average Trini dumps “stale” food, and people in privileged communities power-washing everything from their already clean windows to their paved drains with water from our drinking supply, I roll with laughter.

When I see some of our Caribbean governments having difficulty to meet financial support for vital education, medical supplies etc, and our citizens threatening to vote out any administration that doesn’t provide State funding for a revelry lifestyle we deem as our culture, I roll with laughter.

When I see politicians in other countries being jailed for corruption and then look at our own leaders who for decades have been flinging serious accusations of corruption at each other and yet not one of them has ever been sentenced, my laughter becomes raucous.

When I listen to our criticism of US President Donald Trump’s handling of illegal immigrants in his country and simultaneously listen to how we tell our Caribbean neighbours whose countries have been ravaged by hurricane, and migrants of our oil-rich but volatile southwestern neighbour that they are not welcome here, my laughter begins to diminish.

When I see other countries with their prompt justice system, especially for serious crimes such as murder, and consider how our own prisons are packed with already condemned murderers and their attorneys are complaining about the ambience (or lack of it) where their clients are held while they (the attorneys) appeal the sentences, my sense of humour continues to further decline because outwardly, while this may sound hilarious, this is definitely no laughing matter.

So Nicky, Tommy and company, while I appreciate your comic relief in stressful times, I’m not sure I’d be seeing you guys anytime soon so long as we continue to be informed of critical international situations and witness our comparative dilettante mindset – from our Parliament chamber to the man in the street.

, Chaguanas


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