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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

PM meddling in British affairs

THE EDITOR: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, as a guest of the British for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, was unwittingly interfering in the internal immigration affairs of Britain by telling the British how they should seek to reconfigure/mitigate their travel advisories to protect their citizens while they travel abroad.

It is obvious that the personal security and safety of the people of TT from harm and even death are not a high concern/priority of this Rowley administration.

The PM wants the British to adopt this don’t-care-a-damn stance towards the safety of their own people in TT so that tourism can “thrive” here and crime can proliferate out of bounds. As usual he is now laying the blame on the British for the deceleration of the TT economy and his own failures. The decline in our tourist industry, while a bit sensitive to social unrest and homicides, is the result of failed government strategies, a failed minister of tourism, a failed sea bridge and pilferage of money due to Virgin Atlantic for flights made to Tobago. Who has more crime than Jamaica with its thriving tourism sector?

Keep the British out of this, stop the blame game, assume responsibility and start governing TT, Mr PM.

, Caroni


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