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Wednesday 19 September 2018
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Garcia:lack of skills in TT youth is reason for unemployment

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia photo by Marlene Augustine

One reason for youth unemployment in TT is a growing mismatch between the supply and demand for skills said Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

Delivering remarks today at a forum at Hilton Trinidad hosted by the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP) “Sustainable Skills Development Pathways for Future Business and Community Success - A National Imperative” Garcia said in TT there is an oversupply of social science and business graduates but an under supply of skilled workers and technicians.

“One of the goals of this forum is to remove that mismatch, which would then positively impact your productivity, competitiveness and business success. The main rationale for developing public private partnerships in education is to maximize the potential for expanding equitable access to training opportunities, and for improving education outcomes, especially for marginalized groups.

“This business forum is one way in which the public and private sectors can join together to complement each other’s strengths in providing educational opportunities, through tailored programmes, targeted especially to meet the needs of low-income communities and that of industry,” he said.

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