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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Bring CXCand TTUTAto table onSBA issue

THE EDITOR: I write to comment on the pathetic development between TTUTA and CXC. Having witnessed the rise and development of both TTUTA and CXC, my concern now is that these two titans do not fall victim to the curse of development to self-destruct.

My question then is: For whom was CXC created? Obviously, for the citizens of Caricom. Another question is: What are the roles of teachers? An informed response would be, “To develop students holistically, to understand how children learn, and to evaluate students formatively and summatively.” From the responses above, it therefore should not be difficult to understand the importance of both TTUTA and CXC. So, why are we allowing these two important “titans” to bypass a win-win situation? Caricom has to stop hiding in the politicians’ shadows and rise to the occasion. Caricom must with immediate effect bring TTUTA and other Caribbean unions to the table to resolve this vexing matter once and for all. My advice to CXC is to further boost the morale and commitment of teachers with remuneration which will imbue them with a sense of recognition and appreciation. After all, CXC, why allow greed to erode goodwill and the development of Caricom’s valued human resource – our children?

As I hinted above, students will benefit immensely if my advice is heeded. Indeed, no external teacher can guide and evaluate an SBA student as well as the class teacher who can integrate the SBA with classroom teaching, school, and local imperatives.

, Curepe


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Letters to the Editor