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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Mother, daughters missing

A 32-YEAR-OLD mother and her three daughters remained unaccounted for up to yesterday, three days after they left their home to go to San Fernando. Although no one knows where they have been since Saturday, her relatives believed that she fled the home due to years of physical abuse by her spouse.

“They are like Mutt and Jeff. They always fight but then get back together. When she had the first child, she started to get abuse. She made a second, a third and a fourth one. Well, we say she like licks. That’s the conclusion we came to,” said a relative.

The missing mother of Penal, has four children ages 12, ten, seven and two. She is in a common-law relationship with a 44-year-old man – the father of her four children. The man’s relatives said that about 9 am she left home with her daughters and said they were going to San Fernando. At the time the man, an electrician, was at Los Iros in Erin with their 12-year-old son. When the mother and daughters failed to return home, his relatives began searching for them. Yesterday one of her close relatives said that due to domestic abuse, it was customary for the mother to leave “in times of abuse” but return. “I don’t know if it for the children’s sake but, they always get back together. Each has a temper and she would not take lash from man. If he hits her, she would hit him back. She will defend herself,” the relative said. Saturday was the first time the mother left with the children and not return to the home.

“Wherever they are, I pray that the Lord keeps her and the children safe. We really do not know where they are. We even heard that she goes to San Fernando sometimes to beg people for money to care for the children. I have never seen her do that.”

The missing woman grew up with her now deceased grandmother as her parents died when she was a child. For the past 16 years, she has been in a common-law relationship with the man. Shaking her head in the negative, the relative said the missing woman received fractured or broken bones from licks during one of the pregnancies. “Up to now, (name called) would say if she had listened to Nani she would have never been in the position that she is in now,” her relative said.

Penal police said they do not have a report about the mother and her three daughters. However, they said they would investigate whether she is missing or fleeing from years of physical abuse.

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