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Friday 19 April 2019
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Cuffy Family Clings to Hope

HOPE is the only thing keeping the family of Darrell Cuffy, who was kidnapped 15 days ago, from falling into absolute despair. More than two weeks have passed since he was seen being bundled into a car in Fairways, Maraval, by armed men.

Since his abduction, neither police nor his family have been contacted with ransom demands, and police have no clues as to his whereabouts.

But a a police source involved in the investigation said, "We still have hope that he is alive. We are still appealing to the public to bring forward any information that they can which could help us find this young man."

On April 25, at about 9.51 pm, Cuffy was driving his father's car, a black BMW, along Collens Road, Fairways, when it was intercepted by a dark-coloured Honda CR-V. Two armed men jumped out, snatched Cuffy out of the car he was driving and pushed him into theirs, then drove off.

Newsday spoke once again to Farrell Cuffy, the kidnapped teen's father, who said that neither he or his wife had slept a wink or eaten since their son disappeared.

"I would like to know if these kidnappers have children, wives, or loved ones. I would like to know how they sleep knowing that they have someone's son in captivity," said his father. "Are they sleeping? Because I know I am not.

"But my wife and I am still praying that he is alive, and the rest of the family is praying that their brother comes back to them unharmed. If I hear news that a body was found, then I could say that he is dead. But for now only God can tell. "

The father added that he and his wife barely even speak, because they are so distraught over Darrell's kidnapping.

People with any knowledge of Cuffy's whereabouts are asked to contact the police via 800-TIPS or by calling the nearest police station.

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