Woman in cop’s uniform regular visitor to Morvant police

PROFESSIONAL Standards Bureau (PSB) officers investigating photos shared on social media of a woman wearing a police inspector’s shirt inside the Morvant Police Station have been told the woman is a regular visitor there.

They were also told she was even a guest at a Christmas party at the Santa Cruz station last December. Sources said the woman was at the party with a senior officer. A policeman, who asked to remain anonymous, said yesterday the woman is a regular visitor, either by herself or with a senior officer.

“We never made any entry in the station diary, because we could be transferred for doing so, but we just look on and observe,” said the officer.

“If the Professional Standards Bureau wants to know the truth about this whole sordid affair, they could interview all the officers in this station and they will get the information they need. “If that does not work, then they could interview the woman in the photo who is employed at a club not too far from the police station in Barataria, and they need to do that as quickly as possible before she is sent back to her country.”

On Sunday, the PSB seized camera footage from the Morvant station. They began watching it yesterday.

Insp Michael Sooker, whose uniform the woman wore in selfies shared on Friday, has said he was set up.

Sources revealed there are five ways to get to Sooker’s office at the eastern end of the Morvant station, but the camera footage could capture people entering the police station. There is no camera in Sooker’s office or the corridor leading to it.

According to the Police Service Act, anyone other than a police officer who does not have written permission from the CoP and wears a police uniform or any part of it is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 and to imprisonment for two years.

Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams has ordered a full investigation.


"Woman in cop’s uniform regular visitor to Morvant police"

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