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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Chaguanas mayor wants more police

In wake of murders of businessman, brother-in-law

Phillip Basant, left, and Sheron Sukhdeo.
Phillip Basant, left, and Sheron Sukhdeo.


Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodan is calling for a greater police presence in the borough following the murder of Phillip Basant.

Basant, the brother-in-law of murdered businessman Sheron Sukhdeo was killed in what police are saying was retaliation for Sukhdeo’s killing. Sukhdeo was gunned down six weeks ago, was married to Basant’s sister Racheal Sukhdeo. Basant was killed near his Caroni Savannah Road home on Friday. Sukhdeo, as well, was killed just outside his in-laws home on March 26. Police sources said, following the killing of Basant and Basant’s friend, Joshua Plaza, they believed the lives of three more people were in danger.

The trio along with Plaza and Basant were all present when Sukhdeo was gunned down. Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, was at home at around 3.45 pm on April 22 when he received a phone call from someone who told him to come outside. When he did he was gunned down. Police said a white car passed and one occupant opened fire on Basant killing him on the spot.

Basant’s killing came one day after police visited the car dealership that belonged to Sukhdeo and seized several vehicles.

The deceased millionaire’s dealership was raided on April 20 as well after reports of two stolen vehicles were allegedly found on the compound.

During that seizure Sukhdeo’s widow was arrested and later charged with assault and obscene language.

Boodan yesterday spoke with CNC3 and called for not only an increase in police presence, but for the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and security companies to lend their services and expertise along with the municipal police, to make the borough safer.

“There are a lot of concerns that don’t reach the public level in terms of crime and criminality that happens in the borough” Boodan said.

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