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Monday 20 May 2019
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Baptist archbishop dies at 87

Archbishop Amilius Marrain
Archbishop Amilius Marrain

Archbishop Amilius Marrain, leader of the Triune Shouters Baptist Incorporated, died on May 1, the day after he celebrated his 87th birthday.

Marrain was a founding member and ecclesiastical leader of the Triune, and Deputy Patriarch of the National Congress of Incorporated Spiritual Baptist Organisations of TT (NCOISBOTT).

Bishop Ray Brathwaite, senior bishop in the Triune and adviser to the patriarch of the NCOISBOTT, said he was told that as a policeman, Marrain would comfort troubled officers and help them work through their issues. He left the police service as a senior superintendent but was also a police pilot.

Brathwaite said Marrain had the ability to see details as well as the “big picture” and was able to advise people accordingly. “It requires a special kind of person to be a pilot and that translated so that he was one of the most brilliant of our Spiritual Baptist leaders.”

“He has been part of the foundation of the Free Spiritual Baptist Mission, he was a founder of the Triune Shouters Baptist Inc, he was one of those in the early discussions about a Spiritual Baptist holiday and the need for a Spiritual Baptist cathedral.”

An archbishop for 26 years, Marrain was well-known in the IRO. Brathwaite said over the years he served as first vice president, treasurer, trustee and assistant secretary of the organisation. He said up to the time of his death, members of the IRO consulted Marrain on governance issues.

Brathwaite said the funeral service, which would be a military one, is scheduled to be held at the Pleasantville Community Centre at 10 am on Tuesday May 8.

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