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Friday 21 September 2018
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Sheron’s brother-in-law shot dead

Philip Bassant, left, and his brother-in-law Sheron Sukhdeo enjoying the good times before their murders. Bassant was gunned down yesterday, and Sukhdeo was shot dead on March 26.


Five weeks after his brother-in-law, Sheron Sukhdeo was killed, Philip Bassant was gunned down near where Sukhdeo was shot.

Bassant's killing, according to senior police within the Central Division, is being linked to the deaths of Joshua Plaza and Sukhdeo. According to senior police sources, the reports of a white car passing and a shooter coming out killing Sukhdeo were false and Bassant and Plaza played critical roles in Sukhdeo's death. Sukhdeo was gunned down on March 26 while at the home of his in-laws. He was cremated a few days later.

Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, was at home at around 3.45 pm on April 22 when he received a phone call from someone who told him to come outside. When he did he was gunned down. Police said a white car passed and one occupant opened fire on Bassant killing him on the spot. Both Plaza and Bassant were present when Sukhdeo was shot.

The killing of Bassant comes one day after police visited the car dealership that belonged to Sukhdeo and seized several vehicles. The deceased millionaire's dealership was raided on April 20 after reports that two stolen vehicles were allegedly found on the compound. During that seizure, Sukhdeo's widow Rachael, who is Bassant's sister, was arrested and later charged with assault and obscene language.

Police said given their information there will be more attacks on people closely connected to Sukhdeo.

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