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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Reopen mother’s chopping case

Social group writes DPP

THE International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN), led by Adriana Sandrine Isaac-Rattan, has written to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, SC, seeking an urgent meeting on the decision to release a 15-year-old schoolboy who is the main suspect in the vicious chopping of his 46-year-old mother.

The DPP ordered the boy’s release last week after police presented a file which said they had insufficient evidence to lay a charge. Rattan wrote to the DPP on Friday questioning that decision. The letter, which was obtained by Newsday, said: “The IWRN is expressing deep concern regarding the release of this 15-year-old child in his current domestic dispensation. Whilst all the details relating to this incident may not be available, coupled with the fact that his parents have maintained their silence on the issue, it is alleged that a criminal offence was committed.

“Whilst the IWRN clearly understands that your decision is based purely on the facts presented to you, his release would in fact set a dangerous precedent for other children as well as parents who have been viewing the outcome of this case closely.”

Rattan said the boy should be made to take responsibility for his actions and at the same time a sustained course of psychological and remedial interventions should be offered to him and his family at the earliest opportunity.

She noted that children copy actions, whether positive or negative, and this particular incident is unfortunate. “As an organisation that provides varying levels of support and assistance for women and families including children, we felt it necessary to document our concern with a view to also providing advice and/or support for this particular family”, the letter continued.

Yesterday, contacted by Newsday, Rattan explained: “We are saying that the release of this child is setting a dangerous precedent for other parents and children. We are saying that a child could inflict wounds or whatever on their parents and if the parents do not give evidence they can go free. That should not be so.

“Two things we are asking for: that he take responsibility for his actions, that a comprehensive course of healing and rehabilitation or rehabilitative counselling which includes psychological and psychiatric intervention...must be done immediately, because at the end of the day this boy has to live in the society with everybody else.” Rattan said her group hopes the DPP would reopen the case, “and deal with it the way it was supposed to be dealt with.”

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