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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Autopsy on man, 93, reveals broken ribs, strangulation

LEO BOUSIGARD, the 93-year-old Diamond Vale, Diego Martin man who was found dead on Monday at his home, was beaten and strangled, an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in St James revealed yesterday.

A pathologist found cuts on his head, several broken ribs and injuries to his throat and windpipe consistent with strangulation.

Police believe bandits stormed into his house, tied him up, beat him severely and when they were done ransacking the house, they put him out of his misery by strangling him with a T-shirt.

While investigations are still ongoing, police have begun working on the theory that the intruders who beat and killed the elderly man may have been known to him.

Bousigard was last seen by neighbours on Monday morning at the front porch of his Citrine Drive home at around 8.30. They said he would sit on his front porch every morning with a cup of coffee and read a newspaper, while greeting people who passed.

He used to work at the Port of Spain General Hospital, and had five children.

A maid would come to the house regularly to help with cleaning, and his daily needs. Newsday was told the maid had arrived on Monday at around 11 am, after running some errands, and found the pensioner dead with his hands and feet tied and a T-shirt wrapped around his neck. She began screaming.

Neighbours heard her and called the police. Newsday was told that since the discovery of Bousigard’s body, the house has been cordoned off by police. At the FSC yesterday, relatives said they have not been able to go into the house, so they could not say what, if anything, was stolen.

Newsday understands that CCTV footage from houses in the area may be used to help identify the man’s killers.

Relatives who spoke to reporters yesterday described Bousigard as a clever and independent man, who was sprightly and energetic even at 93.

“The only thing that he had any problems with was his arthritis,” said one relative. “Other than that, he was a very healthy man.”

Newsday was told he lived alone, but had frequent visits from his family and people close to him. Several family members would take turns visiting and helping with chores or errands.

The murder toll for the year now stands at 175.

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