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Friday 17 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

How to judge performance of politicians

THE EDITOR: Positive performance results should be a strong determinant in the duration of the life of a politician. The Cabinet and other members of government should have key performance indicators so that they can be properly judged. (The manifesto is too general.)

Ministers of government would be assessed on how they deliver on the following:

* Safety and security:

The measure of safety and security of the average citizen.

The frequency and severity of criminal activity.

The strategies to achieve the above.

* Economic well-being and average standard of living:

The average cost of a basket of goods.

How far does it go to meet the needs of a household.

The quality of treatment of the most vulnerable in society.

* Strength of leadership of head of Cabinet:

The Prime Minister would be judged on how he deals with recalcitrant and non-performing ministers. How he directs the ship of state for the citizens to achieve a Norwegian or Singaporean way of life.

* The Opposition would be judged on the following:

How well it holds the Government to account.

How well it proposes alternatives to government policies and to what the Government is doing.

How well it agrees with the Government when a solution to a problem has wide support and is soundly based.

How well it presents itself as an alternative government.

These are just a few deliverables but they would surely be significant in the longevity or lack thereof of the politician.



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