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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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WorleyParsons talks green hydrogen

Poster for WorleyParsons' Caribbean 2018 New Energy Talks conference on Energy Efficiency and Green Hydrogen. The one-day conference takes place at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, Mt Hope on April 27, 2018. POSTER COURTESY WORLEYPARSONS.

GREEN hydrogen and energy efficiency in the region will be the focus of WorleyParsons’ inaugural Caribbean New Energy conference this Friday at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business in Mt Hope. Green hydrogen is hydrogen produced using energy from renewable sources, or is net carbon zero energy through carbon capture or emissions offsets.

Lydia Singh, New Energy Lead at WorleyParsons. PHOTO COURTESY WORLEYPARSONS

Lydia Singh, New Energy Lead at WorleyParsons, told Newsday the aim is to have participants, “leave feeling empowered and informed about the many solutions, ideas and technologies in-use around the world which can be adapted to meet the Caribbean’s need for both energy efficiency and the growing demand for cheaper, renewable sources of energy.”

Jacqueline Beckles, Business Development Lead at WorleyParsons

Jacqueline Beckles, Business Development Lead at WorleyParsons, highlighted the importance of knowing what green hydrogen is and how its use can benefit TT’s economy.

“Very soon, you will likely find the market for natural gas-driven products, such as methanol and ammonia, starting to shrink as countries move to cleaner ways of producing these petrochemicals. Water is one way to produce green hydrogen, which would mean more of TT’s limited natural gas supply can be exported”, thereby earning much-needed foreign exchange. Singh said producing hydrogen from renewable sources is popular in countries like Australia and Japan.

Registration is open until shortly before the start of each session – Energy Efficiency at 9 am and Green Hydrogen at 1 pm. For more information, email bd.trinidad@worleyparsons.com or visit www.worleyparsonscaribbean.eventbrite.com



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