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Thursday 16 August 2018
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TTCB: Discussion neededbefore implementing IRC report

TTCB president Azim Bassarath

THE TT Cricket Board stated that former national cricket captain Daren Ganga is attempting to overturn the democratic process of the organisation by advocating for the wholesale and immediate adoption of the report of an Independent Review Committee (IRC) on the governance structure of the national sports organisation.

President of the TTCB, Azim Bassarath, was responding to a recent media release issued by Ganga in which he accused the TTCB, of which he is a member, of failing to hastily implement the recommendations of the IRC.

The IRC was recently created to examine the governance structure of the TTCB and make recommendations.

A press release by the TTCB yesterday, said the board is set to hold a meeting today to discuss the IRC report.

“Incidentally, the TTCB is set to meet tomorrow (today) to discuss the report and plan the way forward after concerns were raised at a recent board meeting that the IRC had breached their terms of reference in producing the contentious document.

“The review, conducted by Justice Vashiest Kokaram, newspaper columnist Dr Shiela Rampersad and former TTCB president Ellis Lewis, has caused consternation in local cricket.”

The TTCB said a number of contributors to local cricket have voiced concerns about the IRC.

“Following its handing over to the TTCB president in late February, major stakeholders have expressed grave reservations about the recommendations with the Secondary Schools Cricket League openly stating that they are opposed to it.

“Also, the TT Umpires and Scorers Union has also registered its serious concerns saying that if the IRC recommendations are implemented, it could mean the demise of local cricket, and decimate the stock of experienced officials,” the TTCB release said.

In a release to the media on Sunday, Ganga stated his displeasure with how the TTCB is operating.

“The public would be aware there has been numerous complaints throughout the cricketing fraternity as it pertains to governance structure of the TTCB and in particular the process by which the executive of this important national institution is elected.

“It is the view of many learned persons that the current provisions of the TTCB constitution are undemocratic, unfair and result in the preservation of a self-serving clique and/or cabal continuously re-electing themselves to control the administration of cricket in TT,” Ganga said.

Bassarath said Ganga’s claims in his media release published in local newspapers, on Monday, are “palpably false, deviously calculated to mislead the unsuspecting public, and force TTCB stakeholders to withhold support of the national game.”

Bassarath said the TTCB executive cannot make any final decision on the adoption of the IRC Report and that is is up to the entire 49-member board of which Ganga is part, as a National League representative.

“His toxic comments demonstrate a sad and disappointing lack of judgement.

“It is reflective of a craven desire to seize power at all costs with a reckless disregard for due process. Anyone aspiring to leadership should know better and should not hoodwink the population and circumvent established procedure,” said Bassarath.

He said the IRC report cannot be adopted lock, stock and barrel without studied debate and discussion, at the board level when all views and considerations of the executive, affiliates and nominated members will be taken into consideration.

Bassarath also laid to rest the often repeated and false claim by Ganga that the current system of voting for the national executive ensures that the incumbents hold on to power.


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