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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Student raped by schoolmate

File photo.

A 15-YEAR-OLD secondary school student told police she was raped in the bathroom at the school on Tuesday.

The traumatised student told a teacher what had happened and she was later taken to a police station in Port of Spain Division where officers of the Child Protection Unit (CPU) interviewed her.

According to reports, the form three student was at school when she told the teacher she was going to use the bathroom. She told police while in the bathroom, a male student walked in, put his hand over her mouth and began fondling her. The student said she tried to scream but was overpowered by the boy who later sexually assaulted her.

The child said she tried to fight off her attacker but failed. The school's principal was later told what happened and a search was carried out for the boy who could not be found. Sergeant Moreau of the CPU interviewed the girl who was later medically examined by a District Medical Officer and a report obtained. Other students of the school were left traumatised on being told of the rape. A report has been sent to the Ministry of Education.


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