Mystery hike in my TSTT bill

THE EDITOR: Service providers need to stop bullying and abusing their customers, especially senior citizens.

Some time in December, I received a phone call from a young woman who claimed she was an employee of bmobile and, by extension, the Telecommunications Services of TT (TSTT).

She offered to provide me with an enhanced landline/internet package for which I would have to pay an increased monthly sum.

I was informed this package would cost approximately $60-$70 more than my then package. I told her I would think about it, since I am a pensioner who tries to maintain her bills at a consistent level. I was then given two options:

She could call me back in a few days to find out my decision or I could visit the nearest TSTT/bmobile centre to sign up if I decided to accept the new package. In my case, the centre in question is located in Point Fortin.

To date, neither of these things has happened.

The young woman never contacted me again and the service centre was eventually shut down. However, soon after I discovered that my bill had increased from $336 to $399.01.

This was done even though I never signed a new agreement nor consented to a new package.

I have been trying to contact TSTT’s helpline at 827-8788 to query my bill.

Unfortunately, the system is automated and it is incredibly difficult to speak to a human being.

After pressing all the numbers as requested, the call is often dropped and I have no redress.

What should I do? Can someone help me?



"Mystery hike in my TSTT bill"

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