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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Motorists still using shoulder

THE EDITOR: I must make mention of the fact that no action is being taken to curb delinquent motorists who use the shoulders of the Audrey Jeffers Highway — both in the vicinity of the Jean Pierre Complex heading east and the lookout heading west towards the Cocorite fish market — on afternoons.

I previously suggested a police officer be positioned in each area and this malpractice will stop. In this day and age we still have unmannerly, impatient lawbreakers who make it difficult for the law-abiding people.

The irony is that no sooner do these drivers accelerate on the shoulder to get ahead of a few vehicles they are again stuck in the traffic. Still they need to be caught and fined.

I am now suggesting that since, as it seems, the authorities cannot spare two officers to do the needful, that humps be placed along the shoulders to discourage this lawlessness. The shoulders are for emergencies so humps will not hinder anyone who has to pull over for a valid reason.

By the way, on a more positive note, I got my vehicle inspection sticker — finally. Well done to the authorities for this.

W DOPSON, Woodbrook


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