AWOL soldier nabbed

A soldier in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force who had gone AWOL (Absent Without Leave) was nabbed by police just after midday on Monday in Port of Spain.

Officials at the Defence Force could not give the soldier's name rank or how long he had been absent from duty, but said it was normal for police to assist them in catching soldiers who have gone absent.

Newsday was told, the man was on Independence Square when he noticed a group of soldiers and police officers. When he saw the soldiers, he ran up Chacon Street.

Police officers chased him up Chacon Street, and he tried to slip the police by running through one of the walkthrough malls.

However, he was intercepted by another police officer and a security guard. After the soldier was collared he was walked to the Central Police Station by two police officers.

Speaking to Lt Colonel Keston Weekes yesterday, Newsday was told that it was customary for police officers to assist in the lookout for soldiers gone AWOL.

"Because the police would have more eyes out on the road, we would usually send pictures of soldiers who have gone AWOL in police stations to assist in bringing them in."

The soldier is expected to be brought before officials at the TTDF.


"AWOL soldier nabbed"

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