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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Wrecking crews just don’t care

THE EDITOR: Recently on social media I saw a memo from the Police Complaints Authority headlined “Know your rights.” The subject matter outlined the rights of citizens when their vehicles are being wrecked.

I feel strongly that the PCA should send this memo to the wrecker gang and the police in San Fernando who apparently don’t know that the driver of the badly parked vehicle actually has rights.

Let me say from the outset that the law is the law and if you break the traffic laws you will have to suffer the consequences. However, the law also applies to the wrecker gang including the police officer with them.

According to the PCA release, the officer is supposed to at least make a brief attempt to locate the owner and if he/she is found issue a ticket and leave the vehicle untouched. Sadly, the opposite is the reality in San Fernando.

What really happens is the wrecker pulls up alongside the offending vehicle and, faster than a speeding bullet, out jumps the wrecker thug and the police with their beast faces and they begin to hook up and lift. No effort whatever is made to find the driver.

They can deny this how much they want but it is the cold, hard truth. They act as if they are above the law and above God.

It makes no sense holding meetings with the police elite who will simply pretend they care as they listen to the cries of the business community, the public at large and all stakeholders. Does anything ever change?

Vehicles will continue to be wrecked without the police trying for a minute to locate the owner.

I repeat, I am all for law and order and if a driver parks in no parking area then he/she should suffer the consequences.



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