Six year old sexually assaulted, teen in custody


MEMBERS of the Child Protection Unit were yesterday investigating the sexual assault of a six-year-old girl at her grandmother’s home in Diego Martin on Saturday.

According to police reports, the girl’s mother was doing chores when she went to look for her daughter to give her lunch. She found, in one of the bedrooms, a 16 year old male relative sexually assaulting the child. It is alleged the teen, when he realised he was caught, cursed the child’s mother and ran away. The woman took the crying child to the Four Roads Police Station where a report was made to PC Eccles-Johnson. The girl was then take to a doctor who examined her and a report was obtained. Police said yesterday the teen remained in hiding until Saturday, but his relatives have agreed to make him available to investigators The victim is expected to undergo counselling by officers of the Police Service Victim and Witness Support Unit .


"Six year old sexually assaulted, teen in custody"

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