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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Beaten referee cries for justice

REFEREE Michael London is calling for justice after being allegedly attacked by players and fans during a match between Gonzales United and Young Stars in the La Brea Football League, on Thursday night. The melee occurred after London awarded a penalty to Gonzales United which was not well received by Young Stars players and fans.

London was admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital after receiving injuries to his face and ribs, before being moved to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope. London was released from hospital on Friday and is now at home.

In a tearful and emotional interview on TV6 yesterday, London, his face heavily bandaged, said he is hoping his attackers will be punished.

“I just want justice, because when you think about it, refereeing don’t pay you in TT, it’s because you love the sport (you do it) and you want to see a betterment in our community,” London said.

London said he felt betrayed by Young Stars, as he delayed the start of the match to facilitate them as they did not have the full complement of players at the scheduled kick-off time.

London said he was grateful for the assistance of an off duty police officer for coming to his rescue.

“It was kick after kick in my ribs, behind my head...I just want to say thanks to the off duty police officer who try to come to my rescue, nobody else (try to help) everybody was just laughing.”

Elizabeth Phillip-London, wife of Michael, said she is hurt that the league has continued after this incident, saying it is disrespectful to her husband and what he went through.


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