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Tuesday 10 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Spirit already dying

THE EDITOR: Well beyond a diagnosis of maljo or obeah, this self-appointed boat doctor says that the TT Spirit ferry needs “wet” not “dry” docking. It is obvious that “dry” docking is wrong “medication.”

Why would a hydraulic pump bust, just so? This is akin to the bursting of an important vein in a human being. Suddenly you cannot walk or talk.

The sprinkling of holy water appears ineffectual to removing the jumbie that hovers over Tobago and the TT sea bridge. Perhaps we can employ the Cambridge Analytica whistle blower to tell us if he has heard anything that we do not already know in TT.

It is my view that, allegedly, nothing is going to work in TT that involves input from certain malicious individuals in both Tobago and Trinidad.

The only thing left untried is a heavy dose of senna pods and castor oil like what our parents dosed US with at the end of the long school holidays.

I am trying hard not to be facetious.

It can be alleged that the Galleons Passage ferry is going to need gallons of holy water sprinkled every day before it even sails into the Gulf of Paria.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin

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