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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Great experience at passport office

THE EDITOR: On March 20, I called the Immigration Call Centre to get an appointment to renew my passport. I was assisted by a pleasant young woman who offered me an appointment at any of the passport offices in Trinidad. I chose the Port of Spain office on Thursday at 8 am. On the appointed day, I arrived early expecting long lines. No such scenes. Everyone was well-accommodated inside and officers were assisting the public with their forms. At 8 am sharp I was called to a booth where I met a very efficient officer who processed my application form. The $250 renewal fee was taken from my debit card by the same officer in the booth. How hassle-free was that! Then the same officer, right there in the same booth, took my photograph! In fact he took it twice, to ensure that I was properly represented. He even thanked me for my patience! By 8.15 am I was thanking him and making my way out of the booth.

Now, that is my Public Service working for me! Thank you passport office!

Marcia Murray, Port of Spain

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