Buffoon behaviour

THE EDITOR: I feel disgusted every time I see the childish antics of Senator Wade Mark in the Senate of TT. He acts as though he is the class buffoon who has forgotten that he is no longer in school where that might have been his role.

Senate President Christine Kangaloo has been most tolerant of Mark’s nauseating behaviour in the chamber. I find it hard to believe that Mark was the speaker of the House of Representatives in the last Parliament where he certainly would not have tolerated from any member the childish behaviour he is exhibiting now. I wonder if he would dare carry on in that way if Brigid Anisette-George were the presiding officer in the Senate instead? Shame on you, Senator Mark! You are demonstrating that you are no example to the young people of this nation. I shudder to think of the possibility of you ever being made house speaker or Senate president again in any parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.



"Buffoon behaviour"

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