A plan to inspect pick-ups

THE EDITOR: Since instituting the new speed limits, it is apparent that a distinction has been made by the Ministry of Works and Transport, in the pick-up truck category of those over and under 3200 kg MGW, and the speeds at which these categories are allowed to proceed on various roadways.

Generally, pick-up trucks that are under 3200 kgs MGW are given the same privileges as motor cars when it comes to the speed limits. My concern comes from the long and tedious process of getting pick-up vehicles inspected at the licensing offices which is mandatory. The delay time between payment and the appointment date for inspections can run into several months, and even on the appointment date, there are long lines and the general bureaucracy to deal with. And at the end of it all, the vehicle is inspected, but often there are no stickers available.

To ease this stressful situation at the licensing office, I suggest that vehicles that are less than 3200 kg MGW be allowed to be inspected at the various government-appointed inspection stations.

This would decrease the pressure on the personnel and resources at the licensing offices, and would definitely increase the number of vehicles being inspected for road-worthiness.

This measure is definitely a win-win one, as more vehicle owners would be compliant in a timely manner and the Government would collect more revenue through fees and taxes.

I hope the Minister of Works and Transport would take up the challenge to bring this suggestion to fruition and so alleviate the stresses placed on those affected.

S MAHARAJ, San Fernando


"A plan to inspect pick-ups"

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