Destruction of Constitution

THE EDITOR: The movement to decriminalise buggery is destroying the Constitution at many levels simultaneously.

It gives uncharted rights to one group using extraneous forces. It holds another group bound under the Constitution. It gives judges a power to do this from inception and regulate it; and the power for judges to decide who in the society is a party interested enough, to join the regulation.

In the buggery case they are setting a position, in addition, that what homosexuals do in private can be a factor in establishing obligations elsewhere upon others. The President seems to have adopted a stance of refereeing the current media process and the judicial undertaking at work.

This is not our Constitution; it is the decimation of the law and morality of the land introducing a method that allows elected officials to say it is not their work, but they will accept to be bound by the result and bind everybody else.

E GALY via e-mail


"Destruction of Constitution"

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