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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Security guard murdered near QPS

File photo.
File photo.

DEVANAND RAJCOOMAR, a 41-year-old security guard was killed near the Queen's Park Savannah on Wednesday evening while at work.

Relatives told Newsday yesterday, that while they were still trying to figure out why anyone would want to kill him, they noted this was not the first time Rajcoomar was attacked.

According to reports, at about 7.45 pm on Wednesday Rajcoomar told a driver he could not park in a reserved area of the businessplace where he worked on Victoria Avenue.

Police believe the two men got into an argument and the driver left.

A short while later the driver returned with a firearm and shot him more than 12 times.

Yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in St James, his mother who did not wish to be named, told reporters an attempt was made on his life two weeks ago.

"He was going to work, and a guy came out of his car and start shooting behind him," the mother said.

She noted that he was not injured during the incident.

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